Fixing an old Digicert issue

Instructions for clearing expired DigiCert SSL certificate on OSX

* Visiting several sites, such as github, gravatar, twitter’s CDN results in “invalid certificate” errors
  1. Launching Keychain Access via Spotlight
    • ⌘-Space
    • Type “Keychain Access”
    • Hit return
  2. Ensure that expired certificates are visible by selecting”Show Expired Certificates” from the View menu
  3. Search for “Digicert”.
  4. Right-click the certificate with a red X and select “Delete DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA”
  5. The certificate may not look removed until Keychain Access is restarted
  6. Restart your browsers
  7. If problems persist, confirming your OS is up to date may help.
You should once again be able to access the affected sites.



Removing an old Expired Certificate

Instructions and screenshots courtesy of Allen Hancock of Watchman Monitoring and Aaron Graves of WeSpire